Parish Renovations


The Parish Centre and Adoration Room will remain closed until further notice.

As of 8th April, please note that the Church main gate will be undergoing upgrading. Drivers, please exercise caution and navigate carefully when entering the Church premises. Kindly exit via the Church back gate (Cooling Close).

Hoarding has been erected; for your own safety, please do not enter the worksite. Let us ask our Lord to guide all involved in this rebuilding, for safety for all, and to give us hearts of patience, understanding and love to see this project through.














Fund Raised

We have reached the fundraising target of $2.3m and we thank all donors who have contributed generously to our church renovation! All future donations received will go towards the general maintenance and operations of the church. We seek your continued donations which we will need for the general upkeep and maintenance of the church. You may continue to donate via the following options:

Cash: To drop into the donation box located outside the Parish Office

• Cheque: Please write cheques made payable to Church of St Francis Xavier and drop into the donation box or mail to 63A Chartwell Drive, Singapore 558758.

Paynow: Launch the Paynow service on your bank's app or online website. Select "Send via Unique Entity Number (UEN)" and enter "T08CC4033J". Proceed to check entity name - Church of St Francis Xavier, then key in the amount. Lastly, key in the reference - General Maintenance of the Church.

We would also like to ask for your continued prayers for the safety of the workers as we work towards the completion of the Church renovation.

$2.3M Goal

$2,300,000 Raised


Last updated: 26 Sep 2020


Donation Envelopes and Forms

If you would like to make a donation towards the Parish Renovation project, please take an envelope from our Parish Office, as well as two other forms. The first form tells us how you wish to contribute. The second form is an application for GIRO payments. The forms are available online and at the entrance of the Church.

Please seal the completed forms into the envelope, together with your contribution, and return it to the Parish Office. Alternatively, you can drop the envelope into the steel donation box located at the church entrance of front foyer.

A big thank you to all of you for your kind support and contributions!

* Kindly note that all fundraising activities are confined to within the SFX Church community and friends only. Persons will need to be authorized by the committee to solicit donations. Please be cautious in entertaining anyone soliciting money for our renovation fundraising.


Fly-Through Video

Presentation on 15 Apr 2018

1: Church Entrance


  • Neighbours have high boundary walls which block our Church Entrance
  • The Church Entrance is also not prominent and poorly illuminated at night

Renovations Works:

  • Install well-lit entrance walls and lighted church signage
  • Add a cobblestone pavement at the entrance

Key Benefits:

  • Create a better reflection of our Catholic identity
  • Refreshed Church Entrance is more visible and welcoming to all
  • Paved cobblestone distinguishes the church as a sacred space of prayer and communion
  • Improved road safety as cobblestones slow down vehicular speed

2: Front Porch


  • Drivers can only drop-off passengers one car at a time, causing traffic congestion
  • No shelter, causing the steps to be slippery on rainy days
  • Existing ramp on the right of the church leads to a narrow driveway – can be quite dangerous
  • During events, there needs to be extra decking set up due to the limited space at the front porch

Renovations Works:

  • Extend shelter over drop-off area
  • Widen drop-off area
  • Extend stairs across length of front porch, and install non-slip flooring for stairs
  • Add a new ramp access to the left of front porch
  • Expand front porch area

Key Benefits:

  • Create a sheltered drop-off point
  • Wider drop-off area can accommodate up to a three-car drop-off, improving traffic flow
  • Non-slip floor improves safety
  • Ramp provides better church access for wheelchairs, prams and the elderly
  • Larger porch area for fellowship and increased external seating capacity

3: Main Church


  • Existing air conditioning system is more than 15 years old and is not energy efficient.
  • Lighting in Main Church is not consistent with difference in lighting in the centre and at the side.
  • Pews are scratched and kneelers are old.
  • There are roof leaks in Main Church and Sacristy.
  • Cupboards in Sacristy are worn out.
  • Water feature at sanctuary back wall is not functioning.

Renovations Works:

  • Install new environmentally-friendly and efficient air conditioning system
  • Replace fluorescent lighting with LED lights
  • Refurbish pews, kneelers and sacristy carpentry
  • Repair roof leaks in Main Church and Sacristy
  • Re-clad sanctuary back wall

Key Benefits:

  • Quieter and more comfortable temperature control
  • More conducive environment for Mass and prayer
  • Improved brightness and lighting
  • Reduced electricity consumption

4: Plaza


  • Main Church, Parish Centre and Parsonage not connected.
  • A total of five different levels at current Plaza, making it inconvenient and difficult for parishioners and guests in wheelchairs, with prams or even the elderly to navigate.
  • Steps become a hazard for the elderly especially when it rains.

Renovations Works:

  • Create a levelled linkway joining Main Church, Parish Centre and Parsonage
  • Raise roof shelter

Key Benefits:

  • Levelled linkway provides improved accessibility for wheelchairs, prams and the elderly
  • Seamless and sheltered connectivity with improved ventilation
  • Improved accessibility for emergency and handicapped vehicles
  • Spacious environment for church activities and fellowship

5: Our Lady of Grace Grotto


  • Located in the middle of the driveway, “Our Lady of Grace” Grotto is not easily accessible when it is raining. It is also not wheelchair-accessible.
  • Vehicles that drive past the Grotto can disrupt prayers and may compromise safety.

Renovations Works:

  • Relocate our Grotto into the Plaza

Key Benefits:

  • Minimised vehicular noise and disturbance with improved safety for parishioners and guests
  • All-weather accessibility with wheelchair-friendly access
  • More conducive environment for prayers with increased comfort from better ventilation

6: Church Basement


  • The basement houses a poorly ventilated canteen with dim lighting
  • Adoration Room is not wheelchair-friendly
  • Not enough rooms for Church activities

Renovations Works:

  • Shift canteen to first storey of Parsonage
  • Expand Adoration Room with new vestibule
  • New functional rooms for prayer sessions and meetings
  • New Gift Shop and Library
  • New nursing room

Key Benefits:

  • Wheelchair access to Adoration Room
  • Larger Adoration room with improved environment
  • Refreshed Gift Shop
  • New and conveniently-located Library
  • Private room for mothers to nurse their babies
  • More rooms created - flexible space with modular walls and furniture to cater for different meeting room sizes

7: Community Hall


  • Canteen lacks proper ventilation and is poorly lit
  • Existing canteen does not adhere to fire safety guidelines, and drainage is not connected to the sewer

Renovations Works:

  • Relocate canteen within Community Hall on the first storey of Parsonage building
  • Improve washing and serving spaces, with all works adhering to fire safety and hygiene guidelines
  • Create flexible space for gatherings and activities
  • Install new air conditioning systems and LED lightings
  • Repair leaks

Key Benefits:

  • Open and inviting environment with better ventilation and natural light
  • Increased seating capacity of 200
  • Crowds at bigger events can conveniently spill over to the Plaza as it is on the same level
  • Modular furniture with flexible spaces allow for easily reconfiguration of spaces for various needs – study area, meeting/break-out room, community events, camps etc.
  • Reduced electricity consumption

8: Parish Hall


  • Parish Hall has low ceiling which limits view from the floor; columns also block the view from certain angles
  • Projector screen is not functioning
  • Acoustics can be improved

Renovations Works:

  • Relocate and build a new Parish Hall on top floor of the Parish Centre with a sheltered linkway to the Parsonage
  • New wheelchair-accessible washrooms
  • Install new air conditioning and LED lights
  • Relocate children playground to the top floor

Key Benefits:

  • Column-free hall with high ceiling  and improved sound acoustics
  • New Parish Hall can accommodate a seating capacity of 300
  • Flexible space for large and small scale events, seminars and retreats
  • Ample space outside Parish Hall for fellowship, food service, contemplation and quiet reflection
  • Better connectivity and sheltered access from Parsonage
  • Safer environment for children’s playground
  • Reduced electricity consumption

9: Parish Office


  • Cramped offices for staff
  • Priests do not have standardised room size
  • Offices are spread out and does not foster a collaborative environment
  • No waiting area for parishioners or guests
  • Does not fulfil requirement of having a secure counting room
  • Ceiling leaks

Renovations Works:

  • Relocate Parish Offices to second storey of Parsonage
  • Expand offices, new reception area, create multipurpose rooms and meeting spaces
  • Install new air conditioning system and LED lighting
  • Repair leaks

Key Benefits:

  • Proper and dignified office work areas for priests and staff with better security
  • Warm and welcoming reception for  parishioners and guests
  • Meet requirements for secure counting of church collections
  • Proper area for confidential and private counselling sessions, secure archival and server rooms
  • Flexible, multipurpose space for prayer sessions and activities
  • Reduced electricity consumption

10: Priests Quarters


  • Priests’ living quarters are in need of renovation with leaking roofs and mould in their rooms.

Renovations Works:

  • Refresh existing three rooms
  • Create a flexible wheelchair-friendly living space with a bathroom facility
  • Build a new kitchen and laundry area
  • Repair roof leaks
  • Install new air conditioning and LED lighting

Key Benefits:

  • New living quarters that are simple but adequate for our priests’ needs
  • Conducive environment for them to rest
  • Rooms available for visiting priests
  • Reduced electricity consumption

* All pictures are artist’s impression, and are shown for illustration purposes only

About the Parish Renovation Project

We are undertaking a project to renovate and upgrade our church to make it a more inviting and inclusive place, and also to cater for the growing population of our Parish. Pamphlets containing more details on the project can be downloaded here, or found outside our Parish Office.

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) has been compiled, SFX_Reno_FAQ.pdf

This Parish Renovation Project is estimated to cost a total of S$6.8 million, where S$4.5 million will be taken from the Church's reserve, and S$2.3 million shall be raised through donations. Fundraising has begun and activities will be announced over the course of the next few months.

For enquiries about the renovation, email our Parish Building Committee at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Click here for Response to Queries on Church Renovation Presentation

1. What must I write behind the cheque made out to “Church of St. Francis Xavier (Restricted)”?

It is important that the words “SFX Renovation Fund” be written at the back of each cheque. This will help in ensuring that such funds are directed to the Renovation programme.

2. Can I make a contribution in cash?

Yes! Please fill up the SFX Renovation Donation Form with your contact details, indicating the amount of cash you are donating. Then put both the form and the cash into the envelopes marked with “SFX Renovation Fund” and return it to the church office or put into any of the Church donation boxes.

3. Are contributions tax deductible?

Contributions are not tax deductible.

4. For internet transfers (via FAST), the account number does not seem to work.

Please note that the first 4-digits 7171 is the DBS Bank code. If you are transferring via FAST, you do not need to use these four digits. Simply, use the account number 047-9036997.