Everyone is poor enough to receive and rich enough to give

ANAWIM (pronounced ann-a-weem)

  • a Hebrew word from the Old Testament
  • describes the “poor in spirit” who remained faithful to God in times of difficulty as well as in good times
  • also known as the “faithful remnant”, of whom Mary was the first perfect Anawim

ANAWIM is a name we have given ourselves as 10-12 Catholics came together in 2014, the Year of the New Evangelisation.

Our Vision: In the midst of a world that seems to suggest more and more that God is not relevant and/or that we can do without Him, we want to experience and find relevance in our Faith today.

Our Mission:

  • To experience what we believe; not enough to only know
  • To recognise and cherish the beauty of our Baptismal calling, as a sharing in the life of the Risen Lord
  • To be aware of our connectedness in Christ and to allow the Lord to draw us into a Communion of Communities

Anawim’s sessions will be appreciated by Catholics who …

  • are looking for an avenue to discover the “WOW” of God
  • want to find greater meaning in their faith and life
  • are trying to discover who we are, how the Lord reaches out to us, and what He desires for those who love Him
  • want to know how to find the “Message” in the Bible
  • are unable to reconcile with Bible language and so find it difficult to relate with God
  • desire to know the Lord not only with the mind but also with the heart, hence making the longest journey in their lives
  • become so filled with the “Joy of the Gospel” that it overflows into what we do and say
  • are looking for companions on our faith journey
  • are looking for meaning in the Catholic way of life

How often do we meet?  We try to meet once a month, on a Tuesday.

  • Time: 8.30pm-10pm
  • Venue: Zoom

Join us!