St Pio Prayer Group

We pray for the faithfully departed parishioners of the catholic community, as we believe it is through prayers that we can help to bring more souls to God and especially so for the souls of the faithfully departed.

We meet at night wakes of the faithfully departed to reflect on the Rosary or the Divine Mercy prayer. We evangelize (before and after the prayers) to bring more souls to God and to spread God’s love to all regardless of race or religion and bring the knowledge of Christ to those who do not know Him. We also hope to attract new members who can come forward to support the ministry in prayers.

We meet as and when there is a request for wake prayers. On average 1 to 2 nights a week. Most times prayers are requested nightly until the last day before the funeral. So its continuous for 1 to 4 nights until the night before the funeral day. On average 2 nights per wake. At times there are no requests for weeks. Prayers are between 8.30/45 pm to 9.30pm where the wake is held. We meet at SFX church to carpool. We usually reach home around 10.30pm after the session.

We serve mainly the parishioners of the Church of SFX but when availability permits we also serve parishioners of other churches and in some cases non-catholics as requested by the parishioners of SFX Church for their non-catholic family members and loved ones.

Other commitments

Members are encouraged to support the ministry for all occasions when notice is given unless they are unable to for reasons known to themselves. During the year we have the following meetings/get together other than the wake prayers.:-

  • Rosary prayers at the grotto every 13th and 23rd of the month.
  • Outreach programme (once a year ) ie providing tea-breaks to elderly homes, and reach out to the residents.
  • Running the SFX Sunday canteen twice a year.
  • St Pio Feast Day celebration on the 23rd September every year.
  • For those who are Exco members (committee members of the ministry), we hold 4 meetings a year and is usually held on Sundays at 12.30pm.

Join us

Do leave your details with the parish office, the ministry will then follow up with you accordingly.