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SFX Email and NAS

Log in to your SFX Ministry/Community email
Accessible on your computer, phone browser or through a 3rd party mail app

Log in to your SFX Network Access Storage
The aim of the NAS is to provide a central storage for ministries and groups, facilitating in the passing down of information and retrieving SFX-related documents and media. Groups are encouraged to keep programs, minutes, standard operating procedures (SOPs) or photographs in their folder. Do try to filter and delete unnecessary information/ documents.

Accessible on your computer, phone browser or through an app 'DS File' (Google Store | Apple Store)

Live Webcam Access (authorized persons only)

SFX Brand Guidelines

For all SFX-related ministries do use the official logo and colours (e.g. forms, publicity, program booklets, powerpoint/poster templates) You can find all these materials in the NAS (Network Attached Storage). The guideline is meant to unify our parish initiatives and establish our identity as one church.

SFX Logo | BrandbookOpen Sans font | Playfair fontNAS (with forms, poster, ppt templates)

Room Booking in SFX

For community booking of rooms, do access RBS. If in doubt/unclear, the admin will try to contact you, otherwise he/she has the right to cancel your booking. The admin may also reallocate you to ensure efficient use of rooms.

RBS Booking Guide | Floor Plans

Publicity Guidelines

For publicity of Ministry-Driven or Parish-Driven events, do inform your SD and send all materials to External events require Parish Priest approval first.

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