Publicity Guidelines

Publicity Guidelines

For publicity of Ministry-Driven or Parish-Driven events, do inform your SD and send all materials to External events require Parish Priest approval first.

Bulletin/ Telegram
Include items below by Sunday 2359h the week of publication. The maximum time in the bulletin is 4 weeks.


  • Headline and body copy. (optimally 50-100 words, maximum 150 words), include bold, italicise, underline if needed. Standard format of date/time i.e. 20 Oct, 8-10pm
  • Do include a call to action: Where/ When to register, URL/Contact for more info. Standard format of phone numbers i.e. 9123 4567
  • When to publish (dates), for how many weeks (refer to ‘Frequency Guidelines’), and on which other platforms
  • Include poster if necessary (inclusion dependent on the amount of space available)
  • Content will be checked for authenticity and may be edited for length/ language


Only Parish-wide events.
Include a 2180x1080px banner, and detailed information. You may wish to also include testimonies and ensure your community page is updated.

Social Media
Instagram, Telegram, Whatsapp: 1080x1080px
Facebook post: 1200x630px

Brightsign (E-Billboards)
1080x 1920px. It is on loop before and after Mass times daily. Still images will last 10secs. Do ensure readability.

Standee, banners & posters
Need approval from your SD before placing them up on our noticeboard located outside JPII Hall. The poster should be A3. Standees can hold A1 boards on kapaline/compressed foam boards.
Banners are 70x180cm(standee), 460x88cm(hung on the railing near the Parish Office or down to the carpark) or 285x150cm(hung near the gate or down to the carpark). Remove it carefully when the event is over.

Pulpit testimony
A testimony for 1 weekend is over 5 Masses. The speech should be no longer than 3min and the script needs to be vetted beforehand. Usually reserved for large parish-wide events.

Post-Event Guidelines

After your event is over, For archive and publish in the bulletin, website, Instagram or Facebook, do provide Marketing and Media Ministry with

  • 1-10 photos
  • a simple write up with a headline
  • and/or testimonies from participants how the event/program has helped them draw closer to God or become a better disciple

It should be given to MMM 0-2 weeks after the event. For large events, if you need a photographer, contact MMM with details of the program before the event (about event, date, time, duration, key moments) and we will arrange for a photographer accordingly.