Small Christian Communities (SCC)

Support in living authentic Christian lives

We gather to break the Word of God together so as to support each other in our struggles to be faithful to the gospel and to encourage one another to serve the needs of others. We meet regularly, at least once a month in our homes, to break the Word. We also attend relevant talks, parish-wide events, and events involving the other SCCs.

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Overall Coordinator:
Beatrice Leong

SCCs - Facilitators:
Block 109 Sgn North Ave 1 - George Lee
Block 317 Sgn Ave 2 - Matthew Lee
Chiltern Park - Henry Foong
Chuan Link - Magdelene Lim, Debbie Woon
Cowdray Ave - Lucy Lim
Grace Park - Stephen Lu
Portchester Ave - Catherine Png
Raglan Grove - Mark Tay, Corinne Cheok
Stokesay Drive - Eric Ng
Tai Hwan Heights - Hansel Galbraith
Mother's Prayer Groups - Siew Whoon, Ginger Leong, Joanna Leong