Elders Group

Helping each other grow in Faith, Friendship, Fun and Fitness since 1993

Who are we?

The SFX Elders, as we are called, is one of the Ministries of the Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier, Singapore. We were formed on 23 July 1993 to help our senior parishioners age gracefully in an environment of faith, friendship and fun while maintaining our fitness for as long as possible. These 4 Fs help our members have a wholesome life: Faith, Friendship, Fitness, Fun

What do we do?

We gather on Thursdays for social activities such as light exercises, mahjong and other games. During these weekly sessions, we also pray and intercede for our parish, families, friends and others. Once a month, we have a general meeting during which we pray for our priests, religious brothers & sisters, our health, our families and Singapore. At these monthly meetings, we also share and discuss activities for the coming months. These meetings are also opportunities for faith formation through watching faith-based videos or movies, being informed of the latest health advisories and enjoying fellowship with each other through sharing meals and birthday celebrations. Over and above these meetings, we organise events and outings e.g. visits to the River Safari, SEA Aquarium, National Museum, Homes & Orphanages, exhibitions, luncheons & dinners and of course, retreats and pilgrimages both locally and abroad. We also visit members who are sick or housebound and try and bring cheer to them.

Who can join?

We accept people at least 40 years of age of any faith, race or gender who can accept that as a ministry within the Catholic church, we practice our faith unabashedly but do not require others to do so. However, non-Catholics, must be open to our practices of the Catholic faith not insist we practice theirs. We are also looking for members who not only want to participate but who are also willing to help, suggest & organise activities. We especially welcome young adults willing to teach technical skills to older members or wish to learn from the experience of the Elders.

When do we meet?

  • Weekly Social Meetings - Every Thursday
  • Monthly General Meeting - First Thursday of Each Month


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