Parish Recollection 2023

In the Book of Genesis, we are reminded of a profound question that God asks Adam and Eve: “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9). This question, though directed at our first ancestors, continues to echo through the ages, reaching our hearts today.

In our busy lives, it is easy to lose sight of where we truly are in relation to God. God’s question resonates with a gentle invitation to pause, reflect, and reorient ourselves towards him. Come and find rest in the Lord as Deacon Sherman Kuek leads us through a reflection of the Joyful Mysteries and what this mystery says to us about our Catholic life. Registration closes on Fri 13 Oct. 

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Dates: 20 - 22 Oct (Non Stay-in)
• Fri 20 Oct, 8pm - 10pm
• Sat 21 Oct, 9am - 9pm
• Sun 22 Oct, 9am - 12pm

Speaker: Deacon Sherman Kuek
Cost $50
Venue: SFX Auditorium

About Rev. Deacon Sherman Kuek OFS
The Reverend Deacon Professor Dr Sherman Kuek OFS is a permanent deacon of the Catholic Church, a Secular Franciscan, theologian, teacher, and preacher. As a deacon, he is incardinated in the Diocese of Melaka Johor, Malaysia. As a theologian, Deacon Sherman is the Cornelius Cardinal Sim Professor of Theology and Dialogue at the Christian Institute for Theological Engagement (CHRISTE), an ecumenical and cross-disciplinary research institute chartered under the EUCLID prerogative (United Nations Treaty Series 49006/49007) and affiliated with the School of Theology and Interfaith Studies of Polê Universitaire Euclide. He has also been appointed Visiting Professor at several institutions of higher education locally and abroad. As a teacher of the Catholic faith, he is the Convenor of the Splendour Project, a Catholic apostolate for formation, evangelisation, and discipleship. Deacon Sherman spends much of his time communicating the Christian faith through prolific speaking, writing and media production. His Doctor of Theology degree was conferred by Trinity Theological College in Singapore.