Attending of May Masses 2022

On 25 April, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth released its latest Advisory on further easing Safe Management Measures (SMMs) for Religious Activities commencing 26 April 2022.  As such, with effect from 1 May 2022, in compliance with the latest Advisory, the following are general measures for our Church:

1. Cessation of Booking for Masses
There will be no need to book for both weekday and weekend Masses. With this relaxation, the faithful may choose to go to any Catholic church to worship.

2. Mass and Religious Activities for:

a. More than 500 persons
Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) is still required for congregational worship services and other mask-on religious activities with more than 500 persons at any one time. TraceTogether will be used to verify VDS.

These Masses and activities are opened only to:
1. those fully vaccinated,
2. children 12 and below,
3. those medically ineligible for vaccination

b. 500 persons or less
Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated may take part in such activities.

3. Retain Account
All Catholics are strongly encouraged to still retain their account. In the event that we need to revert to the Booking of Masses, the platform will be used. The platform will continue to be developed to include other digital church functions beyond Mass bookings.

4. Safe Distancing in Church
There will no longer be a need for safe distancing in church.

SFX VDS Masses (600 PAX): 
• Sat 5.30pm, Sun 9am, Sun 11am

SFX Non-VDS Masses (500 PAX):
• Weekday Masses (except Solemnity Masses)
• Sat 6.30am, Sun 7am, Sun 5.30pm

As per MCCY guidelines, we regret that we may have to refuse entry when the maximum capacity has been reached.

Kindly note that both 8pm Masses on 25 & 26 May are for vaccinated individuals only.
• Wed 25 May (Eve): 8pm (VDS Only)
• Thu 26 May: 6.30am (NON-VDS), 8pm (VDS Only)
There will be no 6.30pm evening Mass


Trace-Together App/token and ID NOT required for Weekday Non-VDS Masses except Solemnity Masses
Trace-Together App/token and ID are required for Vaccination status verification and headcount for VDS Masses
Mass Entry: Weekday Masses & Sat AM Mass via all doors; All other Masses via Church Foyer and Choir Entrance only.
• Seek your cooperation to be on time for Mass so that our volunteers can fully participate in the Mass.