Parish Lent Recollection 2024

Journeying with Christ in the Sorrowful Mysteries

Dates: Fri 15 Mar – Sun 17 Mar
Venue: Auditorium (Parish Centre, Level 3)
Retreat Master: Deacon Sherman Kuek
Cost: $50

Scan the QR Code or sign up at
Registration closes on 1 March 2024

This is the follow-up (part 2) after the first round with Deacon Sherman Kuek last year when he focused on praying the Joyful Mysteries. Participants learned how to pray more deeply about the Joyful Mysteries and to connect it to life. During this recollection, we will focus on the Sorrowful Mysteries.

Deacon Sherman had very positive reviews and we are privileged to have him return as he is in great demand - so do consider signing up especially if you are looking to get more out of the Rosary - and as your preparation for Lent. This is in addition to our Holy Father's designating 2024 a Year of Prayer in preparation for the Jubilee Year 2025.

All are welcome!