SFX Community Resources

Listed below are a few common resources for the ministries and communities in SFX

Room Booking

Room booking is for SFX parishioners use only. For external groups, please send a request to the secretariat.


  1. Click 'Sign in as Guest'. 
    • To book a time slot just click on the date and place and fill in the details of your meeting
    • Please include the name of your community/ intended use under 'Meeting Title', as well as your name and contact number/email under 'Description'.
    • If you require AV equipment in the Canteen or Parish Hall, do also make a note in the description.


    • Click on the top left to toggle between the different areas

    • No bookings are allowed on public holidays and during major parish events and retreats.
    • If you would like to cancel the booking, email secretariat@sfxchurch.sg.
  1. After booking online you may collect the keys from the Parish Office during office hours.
    • Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm
    • Saturday: 9am - 7pm
    • Sunday: 8am - 1pm
  2. If the keys are not collected from the Parish Office, the room will be released 10min past the start time
  3. Ensure the room is clean, aircon/lights off and returned to it's original state before locking it and returning the key back to the Parish Office.
  4. If in doubt or unclear, the admin will try to contact you, otherwise he/she has the right to cancel your booking. The admin may also reallocate the room to ensure efficient use of rooms.
  5. For further queries, contact the Parish Office at secretariat@sfxchurch.sg

SFX Brand Guidelines

Do ensure that for all Parish related documents the right logo, font and colours are used. 

Access to NAS

The aim of the Network Attached Storage (NAS) is to provide a central storage for ministries and groups, facilitating in the passing down of information and retrieving SFX related documents and media

Groups are encouraged to keep programs, minutes, standard operating procedures (SOPs) or photographs in their folder. The heads of the communities have READ and WRITE access to their group’s folder (able to delete and change files) and the ‘SFX RESOURCES’ folder.

It is accessible over the internet (anywhere with WIFI), only in SG. 


Contact mmm@sfxchurch.sg if you have any questions or require access/the reset of your password.

Publicity in SFX (Pre event)

For publicity of Ministry-Driven or Parish-Driven events, do inform your SD and send all materials to mmm@sfxchurch.sg

Bulletin (By Monday of the weekend, 2359)

Include items below on the monday before the publish of the bulletin.

  • Headline and body copy. (optimally 50-100 words, maximum 150 words), include bold, italicise, underline if needed. Standard format of date/time i.e. 20 Oct, 8-10pm
  • Do include a call to action: Where/ When to register, URL/ Contact for more info. Standard format of phone numbers i.e. 9123 4567
  • When to publish (dates) and for how many weeks (usually about 2 weeks depending on scale of event)
  • Include poster/photo if available (inclusion dependent on amount of space available)
  • Content will be checked for authenticity and may be edited for length/ language


Only Parish-wide events are featured on the website. Do include an A4 poster, detailed information. You may wish to also include testimonies and ensure you community page is updated.

Social Media

Parish-wide events will also be shared on instagram and facebook. Do send across 1-10 photo, a caption, details on how to sign up. 

Brightsign (TV)

You may place a poster or a short video on the brightsign (1280 x 720px), which is on loop before and after Mass times everyday. Do ensure readability.

Standee, banners & posters

Do seek approval from your SD before placing them up around the church. Banners should be either A4, A3 or A2. Please remove it carefully when the event is over. 

Pulpit testimony

A testimony for 1 weekend is over 5 Masses. The speech should be no longer than 3min and the script needs to be vetted beforehand. It is usually reserved for large parish-wide events.

Post Event Coverage

For coverage of smaller events by SFX (1-20 pax)

Event coordinator to send 1-10 photos, a simple write up and/or testimonies for the bulletin, Instagram or Facebook. 

For coverage of larger events by SFX

Event Coordinator to contact MMM with details of the program. MMM will arrange for a photographer if available. Do also send across a write up or testimonies for inclusion in the bulletin and social media channels. 

Calendar of Events

SFX events for the current year are listed here: