Parish Renovation Project Briefing


Parish Renovation Project Briefing

Parish Renovation Project Briefing: 18 Apr, 8pm; 30 Apr, 4pm

I write this letter to update you on the parish renovation project that we (myself, Fr Jude and Fr Benedict) have embarked on. We are pleased to announce that we have just obtained the blessing of His Grace Archbishop William Goh to proceed with our renovation.

Having served in the parish for some years now, we have seen our parish grow in numbers. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful grounds and facilities; in particular, the parochial house, parish centre and the main church

Our renovation will look into optimising existing space usage and adding new built-up areas; improving accessibility between function areas and general repairs. We want to reduce barriers between functional areas, e.g.: making the Adoration Room more accessible to all. More importantly, in the light of our Archdiocese’s Vision to be a Missionary and Evangelical Church, our main entrance and infrastructure must draw not just our parishioners but our neighbours and visitors to our parish. We hope to arouse a genuine interest to find out more about our Catholic Faith.

Five years ago, we initiated a major renovation for our parish but the project was deferred due to a change of parish priests. Given that our last renovation was 18 years ago and that general repainting and repairs are needed, we have decided that it was timely to address all the repairs and review the needs of our parish.

A working group was appointed 12 months ago to look into the repairs and we gave our direction on the pastoral needs of the parish. The working group worked on the renovation process within the guidelines laid down by the Archdiocese Land and Property Singapore governing body.

The working group together with our in-house facilities management team conducted a condition survey of all our facilities and produced a tender brief to enable us to appoint a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm to assist us with our renovation. After a rigorous due-diligence tender process, the team led by FOMA Architects LLP was appointed from a group of seven teams. 

The project is estimated to cost $6 million (edit: projected Apr 2017). Archbishop William Goh and the Archdiocese Finance Council, on approving our project, has suggested we should use $4.5 million from our reserves, and raise $1.5 million, which would need to be raised over the next 18-24 months.

As we progress on to the next stage to finalise the design and call for tender for the works to be executed, we want to invite parishioners to take part and to own this project by serving in the sub-committees based on the talents and gifts that you are blessed with. We are looking for people who are knowledgeable in

  • Interior design,
  • Landscape design,
  • Audio visual,
  • Space management,
  • Facilities management,
  • Accountancy,
  • Quantity surveyors,
  • Fund raising
  • Public relations etc.

Please leave your contact details at the church office by Wednesday 19 April 2017 and the working committee will get in touch with you.

We will be presenting an overview of the renovation on 18 Apr, 8pm and 30 Apr, 4pm in the Parish Hall and all are welcome.

Together we ask for your prayers and full support, and that together we will renew the parish of St Francis Xavier and her community with better facilities.

Your servant in Christ,

Fr Brian D’Souza

Parish Priest

*If you have any further queries, do drop an email and the building renovation team will get in touch with you afterward.