Lent 2018 @ SFX


Lent 2018 @ SFX

Starting Lent

Ash Wednesday 14 Feb
6.30am, 6.30pm and 8.30pm
- Day of Fast and Abstinence

Eve of CNY Thu, 15 Feb
6.30am and 4.30pm (No 6.30pm Mass)

CNY day Fri, 16 Feb
8.30am and 10.30am (No 6.30am Mass)
• Stations of the Cross 8am, followed by Mass. No Stations at 8pm.
• No need to abstain from meat

CNY day 2 Sat, 17 Feb
8.30am (no 6.30am Mass)
• Usual Sunday Masses from evening onwards

Penitential Services

in Serangoon District, 8pm

Mar 15th (Thurs) – Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mar 19th (Mon)Church of St Francis Xavier
Mar 20th (Tues) – St Anne’s Church
Mar 21st (Wed) – Church St Vincent de Paul
Mar 22nd (Thurs) – Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Mar 26th (Mon) – Church of the Transfiguration


Lenten Fridays
Bask in the Lord’s presence in the Adoration room, or carve out quiet time daily for prayer and reflection, away from distractions.
Stations of the Cross 8pm, followed by Mass 8.30pm
• No 6.30pm Mass

Walk with Jesus
This year, we have erected an outdoor ‘Way of the Cross’, creatively crafted by our own parishioners. Find time for a meditative prayer walk through these stations, imagining yourself accompanying Christ on His passion. Allow the Spirit to guide your responses and prayer.

Pamphlet of the walk:

Download it


On 3 Mar*, we have organized a session ‘A Lenten Reflection through Beauty’, where we will listen to the experiences of those who have crafted the stations, take a semi-guided walk through the stations and come back to share with each other how Jesus is reaching out to us this Lent.
3 Mar, Sat, 7.30pm, Canteen,
*Light dinner included after Mass
Sign up here: tinyurl.com/sfxlent18

Pray for our RCIA/ RCIY Elects.
Pick a name or two and pray for them daily as they journey on towards baptism at Easter.
Slips available at the church entrances the 10/11 Feb 2018 weekend, or pick a name from the picture (:

Father God,

You desire that we may be one in Christ, and that we may have life eternal with You. Look kindly upon all the Elects You have called to follow You. I pray especially for [name(s) of person(s) picked] on this journey towards baptism and confirmation.

Grant him/her/them the courage to answer Your call to live a new life in You. Protect each one from temptation and harm; transform and empower them with Your presence and love through the gift of Your Holy Spirit.

Guide and unite us as a parish to welcome and support all to grow in faith; may we work tirelessly to spread the Gospel and bring more into Your kingdom.

Blessed Mother, continue to intercede for us.



Fasting reminds us that our deepest hunger and thirst is for God. Aside from the usual fasting from meat and desserts, fasting from other excesses that draw us away from God are a practical and meaningful alternative - limiting time spent on our devices or social media, forgoing casual on-line shopping, fasting from criticism, impatience and similar, are all ways of taming our impulses and practising detachment from the material world, thereby allowing the Spirit room to work, to lead us to a deeper relationship with God.

A ‘Lenten cross’ near the tabernacle is also available for coloured stickers, representing sacrifices made and fulfilled, thus serving as visible encouragement and reminders for fellow parishioners to walk this paschal journey together.


Feed the Hungry outreach
The ‘hungry’ are everywhere - migrants, construction workers, domestic helpers, the elderly, the underprivileged etc. Each will be presented with a food hamper on Divine Mercy Sunday (8 Apr). These hampers will be funded with alms collected.
Submission of names to committee -  10th/11th Mar Weekend
Packing of the food hamper - 7 Apr Morning, 9am
Collection/Distribution of the food hamper - 7 Mar 11am-3pm, 8 Mar 8.15am-1pm

Cardboard ‘origami’ money box for alms.
Personalise it, place it somewhere visible like the dinner table to remind everyone of the family’s Lenten commitment to give, and to allow our sacrifices to bless those with less.
Do return them or make a donation via the box in front of the tabernacle in the main church, or visit the Parish Office. Any excess funds will be donated to the Archdiocesan GIFT programme, contributing to our vision of becoming a more vibrant, missionary and evangelistic Church in Singapore.

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