Church of St Francis Xavier


Final renovation plan: Sun, 15 Apr 2018 at 2 pm in the Parish Hall - all Parishioners are encouraged to attend the presentation.

*The plans are currently being fine-tuned based on the needs of the priests and parishioners, all images are proposed based on careful consideration and feedback but are NOT FINAL

*Please DO NOT entertain anyone soliciting money for our renovation fundraising. Persons will need to be authorized by the committee to solicit donations, We will officially announce when initiatives begin. Do be cautious.

Last updated: 22 Feb 2018

Plans as of 26 May 2017

Updated plans coming soon

Parish Hall & Playground

The Parish hall will move to the third floor of the parish centre. To host more events, we will adopt a pillar-free design as well as a higher ceiling and improved sound systems. The hall will also include partitions to split the hall into smaller rooms.

The playground will also be relocated to the third floor to free up the area between the three buildings currently. It will also be an area for child-minding while events in the parish hall are ongoing.

Current Parish Hall
Current Level 3 of the Parish Centre
Mockup of what the new Parish Hall will look like on level 3 of the Parish Centre, the playground will also be moved up to level 3
Mockup of the inside of the Parish Hall

The Main Church & Entrance

We want to invite and proclaim to neighbours or passers-by that we are a Catholic church, therefore our church entrance needs to be made more prominent.

The lighting and aircon systems need to be improved and upgraded to create a good atmosphere for us to focus on Jesus.

Our porch will also be levelled and adjusted to make it more accessible and rain-proof! The bookshop will be moved to the front and made more inviting as it is a means to promote our faith.

Our current entrance
The lighting and air conditioning systems will be redone
Mockup of a more vibrant church entrance
Mockup of the new lights in the main church hall

Priest Quarters & Parish Offices

Our Shepherds need a good place to rest and recharge, the current conditions are far from ideal and need a lot of sprucing up.

The offices will relocate to level two, to create a more conducive work environment for our priests and staff. There will also be dedicated meeting rooms, a counting room, archival/server room and counselling rooms.

Current priest quarters and Parish Office
Mockup of new reception and office spaces on level 2
Mockup of new quarters
Mockup of new common area for the priests of the parish


We will move the canteen to level one of the parochial building so that capacity is increased by 25%,  so that it becomes a conducive place for communal gathering and the running of several parish programmes. A bigger kitchen with windows will also be installed.

The existing canteen will become a multi-usable space: where prayers and gatherings can be held.

Current canteen area
Current canteen interior
Mockup of canteen area
Mockup of canteen area

How can you help?

We are tightening up the plans and finalizing the blueprint so stay tuned! (:

Read Fr Brian's letter about the renovations on 9th April 2017 here