For forms, do fill them out and pass the physical copy to the Parish Office or send the filled up form to unless otherwise stated.



Application - physical form
Application - online submission

Infant Baptism Form

Infant baptism
You may submit the form to the Parish Office or email
Baptism of Infants is held every 2nd Sunday of the odd month at 4pm in the main church. Preparation session for both parents and godparents is held the Sunday before at 3.30pm in the SFX room.

Enrolment in Catechism

Submit the form together with a copy of your child’s baptism certificate to or pass it to the Parish Office. For transfer cases, we will also need a transfer letter from the former parish as well.


Wedding Booking
Contact the Parish Office 12 months before your intended date to book the church premises and ensure that your presiding priest is able to make that date. *Please note that bookings of church for Weddings are only available from May 2017 to June 2018 until further notice.

Bereavement Support

Funeral Arrangements
Please check with the Parish Office for priest availability and Mass timing before confirming the timing at the crematorium. For prayers at the wake, please contact St.Pio prayer group via the Parish Office.
Niche Booking

Parish Registration/ Census


Extract or letters from SFX
For Baptism Extract, Letter of Marriage, Letter of Confirmation

Miscellaneous Services

For House Blessings/ Holy Communion/ Anointing of the Sick

For Anointing of the sick: The sacrament can be administered to any Catholic who is awaiting serious surgery, suffers from serious illness or is weakened by old age. Anointing may be before getting admitted for the anticipated medical procedure. Fill in this form and submit to the Parish Office, or call the Parish office to request for a priest. In emergencies, priests of the church nearest to the hospital can be contacted.