Craft the Stations of the Cross • Lent 2018


Craft the Stations of the Cross • Lent 2018

“The human craftsman mirrors the image of God as creator. The divine artist passes on to the human artist a spark of his own surpassing wisdom, calling him to share in his creative power… For him art offers both a new dimension and an exception mode of expression for his spiritual growth”

- Saint John Paul II, Letter to the artists

As part of our Parish Lenten Initiatives, we are going to display 15 hand crafted outdoor stations of the cross (including ‘The Resurrection’) for the season of lent. We are looking for at least 15 people to help us design the stations. If your heart is stirring, mind racing with ideas and hands are itchy to give glory to the Lord in art, do sign up at the Parish Office or online:


Do submit an example or sketch of your idea as well as your preferred station, you’ll then be assigned accordingly.

You will be given a piece of plywood 2x4ft, and basic supplies to work on.

The art piece for all stations will need to be completed before 11 Feb 2018.

You may also choose to do it as a pair or as a group.

If you have any other questions email and we’ll follow up with you there.

“Beauty of created thing can never fully satisfy. It stirs hidden nostalgia for God”

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